Yesterday I helped organize and throw a surprise birthday party for a good friend of mine. You might even say he’s one of my best friends, but I wouldn’t tell him that cause I’d never hear the end of it. “Don’t give em the satisfaction, the fucks” – Goodfellas.  It went perfectly. It was a gathering of my bestest friends and people I love spending time with. There was nonstop laughter. I’m grateful for knowing them. As for the surprise, I must say, seeing his face when we lunged out at him, a face of absolute terror and panic, was hands down one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life. He was completely terrified and I could not stop laughing.  It was no different than when you jump out to scare someone and then both laugh about it afterward. It’s pretty much the reason why people go to haunted houses and the reason why people work at haunted houses. Scaring people is hilarious. With every scenario, I typically play out multiple ‘what if’s’ in my head. For example, I thought, what if we scared him and he had a heart attack? I can almost 100% guarantee that has happened to someone before. “Yeah we decided for grandpa’s 80th birthday we would all get together and surprise him. May he now rest in peace.”

The planning of this event was also a notable affair. Discussing the appropriate arrangements with his cousin was…something. When I first asked his cousin where I should meet him to pick-up the keys, he responded back in a text, “It’s either 1640 or 1460.” After multiple texts, I finally confirmed with the Riddler what the correct address was and picked up the keys. Afterward I went to buy a cake, a cake that I would drop three times from the store to the car. It was after we scared him to death that  he honestly said, “I thought I was dead” which caused an uproar in laughter. My original plan had been to destroy his face with pies. In my mind I thought, how funny would it be if he was to walk in and we just pied him?  Not just one. I’m talking like 10 pies. So many pies he would fall down struggling. We would all stand over him laughing and shouting SURPRISE! Then I thought, maybe this isn’t’ the time yet, I’ll wait til his funeral 🙂


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