Teacher’s Strike in Chicago

So the teachers have officially started striking in Chicago. I’ve actually stayed out of the whole thing and not shared my opinions with anybody because at the end of the day who gives a shit what I think about it. However, I do think the teachers are getting the shaft. I was basically just watching everything on the news and hearing other people’s opinions on it until today. Today was the day that I was affected by it. All day at work I heard about the teachers picketing and striking. They were lining up the streets with their red shirts and signs. I thought, good for them. Hopefully this makes an impact. Sometimes you have to get out there and fight for what you want. If it was me though, I’d be sleeping in this entire week if I was a teacher. I wouldn’t leave my bed. The phone would be ringing off the hook cause people would think I was dead. “Have you heard from Ryan?” “Is Ryan alive?” Eventually after 48 hours people would give up hope, take all the signs down (pictures with my name on it but not my face), and everyone would call off the man hunt. The mobs of people holding torches and walking dogs would just call it a day and say something a long the lines of “we gave it our best.”

Now, back to reality. After work I made my normal 4 block walk to the Clark/Lake blue line stop. As I was walking I started to notice multiple people, teachers, in red shirts holding picket signs around me.  As soon as I turned the corner, they start marching behind me. I had a parade of what felt like 100 teachers behind me before I knew it. If anyone saw me coming they’d think I was leading the thing.  As I walked faster, so did they.  As I turned to rest in an alley, so did they. Skip ahead to me in the train now. Standing. An entire train car full of teachers in red shirts holding up their picket signs in the air and me in a black shirt. SURROUNDED. I contemplated pulling the emergency exit while I had a sign that said “MAKE GOOD ON THE DEAL” pressed up against the side of my face. They would all get off at the same stop as me as well and march behind me all the way back to my house.


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