Well…let’s have it

I’ve said in the past, being put on the spot for being a comedian or because you do comedy is one of the worst things ever. Imagine someone just walking up to you and asking you to prove yourself to them. That’s what this is. In the past, I’ve tried to go with the flow and tell a joke, but that carries about a 10% success rate. The fact the person asked me to be funny on the spot means they didn’t’ think I was funny in the first place. In other words, they already put up THE WALL. This is that imaginary force field that basically says, “listen no matter what you say to me, it sucks and I’m not going to laugh cause I’m funnier than you.” Recently I went to my grade school reunion. I enjoyed the hell out of it and had a blast. Everyone that I sat around and talked with was a real joy to talk to. Except for one guy. The guy who I haven’t seen in probably 14 years. As soon as he walked through the door we were off to a great start. He sat down at the bar. Looked at me. Stared right into my eyes. Didn’t say a word. A little bit later in the night I was in a conversation with a group of people. We were reminiscing about some of the good ol’ days.

Me: Yeah I can’t believe that happened. Do you remember when…


This was heard from behind me. My story was stopped dead in it’s tracks. You could hear the sound of a record scratching. I turned around and I see him still sitting there with his arm resting on the bar. Smug. He was sitting there like he was Don Draper from Mad Men. Might as well have had a cigarette in his mouth and been drinking an old fashion. The judgmental look. THE WALL was up. Imagine when I was talking with the group that we were in modern day and as soon as I turned around we were in the 1950’s. The entire look of the bar changed. Ashtrays every where. Bright vibrant colors. Dim lighting. Smoke filling the air. Before I could say a word, he continued,



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