I’m always curious or intrigued when I see surveillance cameras. Especially in places where they don’t make any sense. For example, in a Church. Why would there be surveillance cameras in a Church? Is it to make sure nobody is taking more Eucharist than they should be? “HEY THAT GUY TOOK TWO!” More importantly, who’s looking at these things. Whenever I see a camera, I imagine that there is a man in a giant room of monitors. There are monitors on top of monitors that spread as far as the eye can see.  Just like in the Dark Knight when Batman starts creeping on everyone to try and find the Joker.  In this scenario, the guy’s name is Desmond and he’s constantly checking to see what’s going on while entering the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 every 108 minutes. Lost. It also reminds me of 1984. The eye is always watching. Or is it? Everyday people are getting jumped or robbed here in Chicago. The numbers on murders and crimes is actually pretty alarming. Was there someone ever watching the monitor? Was it even recording? Were they just for show? They do sell fake cameras. I once worked at a place where they said, “oh don’t worry, they’re fake.” To which I responded, “Get down on the ground! We want the bank’s money, not your money!

I’m sure this is to deter people from stealing or committing crimes. Is it the same for the Internet? Does someone sit in a large room looking at what other people are looking at? Scary thought.  Just for fun, I’d like to put fake cameras in my house. Everywhere. They’d be in the closets. They’d be in the corners of each room. They’d be on the floors. They’d be the round ones as well as the long camcorder like ones. It’d be ridiculous. Make people think I’m a real mystery man. What is he hiding? What is his secret?  Eventually, I’d get sloppy and someone would find my collection of blood slides that I keep inside my air conditioner and realize I was the Bay Harbor Butcher all along.


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