Going to the bank…

We’ve all been behind that guy or girl in line. You know who I’m talking about. The person who you let go ahead of you and then they turn out to be the one paying in change in front of you in line. I’ve gotten the shaft numerous times after doing a nice gesture. Most recently, on my way into the bank to take out money I let a guy go ahead of me in line. As we both approached the door, I reached first and opened it for him. I gave the signal to go ahead as I held the door open for him. A few years off my sentence in Hell I thought. Big mistake. The man would stand in front of that ATM for what felt like a million years. Imagine the seasons changing as I stand there in line behind this guy. Also, the seasons are changing indoors while I’m in line.  So while I’m standing there it starts snowing. Raining. Fall leaves start dropping. Also, imagine that I’m the only one standing in line for the duration of about a year. Finally, the man with no name and no sense of time waltzes away from the ATM. I take one step forward, swipe my card, and am presented with the following message,

“Currently this ATM is unable to dispense cash. We apologize for the inconvenience. Wish to continue?”


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