Two years ago (201o), I used to work at Petco. It honestly was not a bad job at all because I got to deal with animals. Animals are the greatest thing in the world. While I worked there, I had a few different jobs. One of them being the guy tho took the animals out so people could pet them. Awww how cute you’re probably thinking. It was a disaster. Disaster City. Population: Nallen. I would always lose control of the animals and they’d get loose in the store. For example, I had to move a garbage can full of crickets and cardboard boxes from one room to the other. This was the food for the reptiles. As you can imagine, I tipped over the garbage can. Crickets scattered everywhere throughout the store like it was a prison riot. Another time, all the kids wanted to pet the rabbit. The adorable furry white haired rabbit who the kids probably thought was related to the Easter Bunny. I would spent 10 minutes reaching into the cage to try and catch the White Rabbit. I felt like Neo from The Matrix. Every time I reached my hands in and was about to cup him, he would hop away. To add insult to injury, it was always a slow hop away. As if he was saying, “oh alright, you got me…just kidding. Bye.”  Finally I reached in and caught him. By the back legs. The children screamed in terror as the rabbit lunged it’s body to get away.

However, there were times when I had to deal with people. Ridiculous people. For example, one time while I was ringing people up at the cash register, a lady approached the counter. She had three cans of fancy feast. She also had a coupon. A coupon that had expired in 2008. I started to say, “Mam I’m sorry, but this coupon is more than 2 years old. I can’t exce….cutting me off she argued, “Oh is that right? Well maybe I’ll just start shopping at PetSmart!?” I didn’t say a word. I was in shock. The total cost of her order at this point was $1.38 and the coupon would have saved her .30 cents. Literally 5 seconds passed and she threw her arms up in the air and groaned in unhappiness. As the woman stormed out of the store, another lady and her child stepped forward. The child pointed at me and cried, “He’s the one who tried to kill the Easter Bunny mommy.” Imagine everyone dropping everything they were doing to stop and stare at me. The entire store was looking at me. All to the sound of crickets playing overhead.


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