Fog, Mist…either way I can’t see

This morning, there was a fog over the city of Chicago. I honestly think it’s very cool. However, it’s also kind of scary. If you’ve ever seen The Mist you’d know why. In that book and movie, the mist rolls in and there are horrendous unimaginable nightmare creatures. Things like giant lobsters, acid web shooting spiders, giant glow bugs and even pterodactyl/crane like bird things flying around that can smell you if you step into the mist. There were also monsters the size of buildings walking around.  It’s horrific, but awesome. I love scary things like that. If you’re a smart ass you’ll say, “you know, they also made a movie called The Fog.” I would agree and confirm that the movie does exist, but it turns out to be ghosts of mariners in comparison to giant lobster creatures. Both classics, but which sounds cooler to you? Then, I thought what if that actually happened. What the hell would I do? This all occurred to me while on my walk from the train to work. About a 3-4 block walk.

In my head I was playing out the whole scenario. The mist rolls in. I scream, “We have to take cover!” and run into a nearby Starbucks. I start moving chairs towards the doors. Sweating profusely. For those outside, it’s too late. The fog has already swallowed them whole. People around me have no idea what the hell I’m doing and all just keep muttering “Frappa Rappa Frappa Rappa” in a zombie-like trance. Also, in these end-of-day scenarios, I always imagine myself being the hero. I also picture myself like John McClaine in that even when the shit has hit the fan and everything is absolute chaos, all I care about is advil to nurse my hangover. And every-time I say an iconic one-liner, we hear the same jazz music that plays when Murtaugh says he’s got “2 days left to retirement” in Lethal Weapon. My day dreaming would quickly be ended as a pterodactyl flew down, scooped me up and took me away.


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