This is a perfect topic with Halloween 2 days away. I used to love Goosebumps. I was such a huge fan. I watched the overly dramatic movies and had all of the books. I just couldn’t get enough. When I was a kid, I wrote R.L. Stine a letter and he replied. He sent me a gift package with Goosebumps pencils and different book-related trinkets. 10 years later, I would send him a tweet and he would reply to that as well. Hell of a guy that R.L. Stine is. This reminds me of a story. One day at Horrorland, I caught a real bad case of Full Moon Fever. Let me tell you, I was having a real Bad Hare Day. The kids were calling me The Beast from the East and The Werewolf of Fever Swamp. It was absurd. I told them if they kept it up they were going to be in Deep Trouble, to which they replied, “Go Eat Worms!” People gathered around to take pictures. I told them “Say Cheese and Die!” They weren’t amused. This was My Hairiest Adventure yet. Turns out I was Under the Magicians Spell all along. It was my own fault. He had told me to Stay Out of the Basement, but I didn’t listen. I stormed back into his Little Comic Shop of Horrors. Yes, he was a part time magician who also owned a comic book store. As I explained my Werewolf Skin situation  he cut me off with “It’s only a Nightmare.” I begged him to reverse the spell. He finally agreed and told me, spend a Night in Terror Tower, Don’t Go to Sleep and make sure to wear The Haunted Mask. It sounded like a typical “take two and call me in the morning” scenario. That whole night was terrifying. I laid there the whole night waiting for The Cuckoo Clock of Doom to tell me Tick Tock, You’re Dead! The next morning, I took the mask off when I got home. Apparently I was fooled again because this was How I Got  My Shrunken Head! All I can say is, Be Careful what you wish for


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