“One More Night”

I have absolutely no patience anymore when I get in the car. I don’t know what it is. As soon as I see there is some traffic I become manic. I become uncivilized. I take any sense of being a civil human and toss it right out of the window. I know I’m not the only one. Sitting in traffic is awful. Especially for me because I get tired when I’m driving in a car. So sitting in a car is pretty much a LICENSE TO NAP. The other day I was stuck in traffic. 20 minutes. 40 minutes. 60 minutes. I was on the verge of LOSING my mind. I had listened to the same damn song on the radio 6x. That song being “One More Night” by Maroon 5. It came on again. I changed the station. It was on that station as well. This was nightmare city. Every time I change the station it’s right at the beginning of the song where Adam Levine is making that ooooo o o o o o ooooo war cry. If you can, turn the song on right now and listen to the first 10 seconds so you know what kind of hell I was going through. It won’t stop. I scream, but it comes out just like Adam Levine is saying it. Before I know it I’m singing the whole song. I snap out of it. I felt like I was infected by some type of virus. “I can’t take this anymore!” I shout. In a blind rage, I grip the steering wheel. I prepare to floor it into the emergency exit lane. Take no prisoners. Imagine a ramp set up where I drive and project my car over all of the other cars on the expressway. They did this in Gone in 60 Seconds. There was also an epic scene like this in The Blues Brothers. Right before I put the pedal to the metal I turn to my right to look at the car next to me. What do I see?  A German Shepherd sitting in the front seat. A dog is driving this car. Picture all of the cars on the expressway being driven by well dressed dogs. Pomeranian’s in bow ties. German Shepherds in tuxedos. Rottweilers in blazers. Professionals. I’ve got no business here. The German Shepherd just looks at me. “One more night” comes on the radio again. Ooooooooo oooo o o o o o


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