The Powerball

So apparently the Powerball lottery right now is at $550 million. Needless to say, I bought tickets. While waiting in line, I heard some people behind me talk about what they would do with the money. One guy said, “I’d retire.” You don’t say?  I remember when the last Powerball reached an asinine amount of money, I had thought about what I would buy. My immediate unfiltered thought was Dracula’s castle. Just for the hilarity of it. Just so people could say, “Did you hear Ryan won the lotto. Ya. He bought Dracula’s castle.” That’s absolutely ridiculous. Granted, that place is probably terrifying to live in. It’s enormous and most likely haunted, but I would do it just so people could say that exact line. Some other things I have thought about buying would be an enclosed underwater house. Imagine a fully functional underwater dome, kind of like Sandy the squirrel’s house from SpongeBob SquarePants, but without the tree. It would have an escape pod or high tech elevator that would go right up to the surface. Obviously, it could not be too deep, but I would want to be at a deep enough location to look out and see sharks and fish swimming by. If you can’t picture it, check out the image above. That’s exactly what  I would want. I’d invest in things I’m actually interested in like different theaters. In fact, I’d open up a giant theater, the biggest in the country. One that had multiple stages for performers to do either stand-up or improv comedy, and even theatrical Shakespearean plays. There’d also be a movie theater inside it as well. How amazing would it be to go see a comedy show and then go see a movie. If it were date night, you’d be killing two birds with one stone. Now, I’ve talked about where I’d live, either in Dracula’s castle or my own underwater Atlantis, but what would I drive. I would buy the tumbler. You know, Batman’s ride. I’m not sure if that’s exactly street legal, but  how awesome would it be to say I own Batman’s car? Don’t worry,  I would also make donations and investments in different organizations and charities as well for things that I support. These are the crazy types of things I would buy.

What would you buy?


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