Little Monsters kids act like absolute monsters. I typically love watching the interactions between the parents and their children. I’ll watch as their faces change from happiness to absolute misery.  The other day on the train (CTA brown line), I was sitting by the window when I heard the “rawr”-ing sound of a monster. I turned to see a small kid probably around 5 or 6 come running on with his father. His father picked him up and carried him to his seat. The child squirmed and kicked to free himself the entire time. I listened as he said, “sit down. I need you to sit down.” As he went to place the child into the seat, the kid refused to sit. The child stood straight up and continued to be a monster. I did everything I could not to laugh. The father’s facial expression did not change as he pulled one leg at a time out from under his son to get him to sit in the seat. The kid had the biggest smile in the world on his face. He knew he was pushing buttons and he loved every second of it. His father started to say, “I need you to be quiet. There are other people on this…” but before he could finish the child jumped back onto his seat. Howling. Gyrating.

This kid was a lunatic. For an image, picture the child is wearing the costume that Boo wears in Monsters, Inc (image above). You would have thought the dad just picked this kid up from hanging out with wolves for the past 5 years. As the nonsense progressed, I could tell the father wanted to just stand up and shout, “will you shut up. Just shut your stupid face off. Turn it off!” Instead he just stared straight ahead. He was used to this. By the end of the train ride, the funny little monster had turned into an unimaginable annoyance. He was jumping up and down shouting. A complete monster. I had had enough of it. I wasn’t going to take it anymore. I was at my whit’s end! I pulled out my headphones to signify that I was tired of listening to this chaos. I sighed in the process. The child looked at me and growled (RAWR) so I snarled (GRRR) right back. I might as well have tried to kidnap the child based off the reaction I received. The father shot the “I’ll kick your ass” glance at me.  The entire train looked at me and started shaking their heads. Picture zooming in on each person one by one as they shake their head at me. As we pan across all of the shaking faces we land right back on the child. Howling. Gyrating.


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