31 days of comedy – before it all begins

what is thisSo I’m planning something a little crazy. I haven’t blogged much the past week or so because I’ve been busy planning this. I plan on doing 31 days of improv comedy. That’s a show every night for the entire month of January. I really want to challenge myself as a performer. I want to become better. I want to grow and experience something new. By doing show after show continuously non-stop for 31 days I think I’m going to grow tremendously. Both as a performer and as a person. I love performing because it makes me happy. I’ve always been an extremist. In other words, if I try something and like it, I will go to the ends of the Earth to try and be the best I can be at it.  Doing a show every day for an entire month is a great way to strengthen my abilities. As one teacher I had once said, “REPS REPS REPS!” I’m very excited for this. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. I also anticipate it to be exhausting. 31 days straight with no breaks, every night, just comedy. Originally, the idea of this gave me butterflies in my stomach. I was terrified, but I immediately recognized that. I quickly realized that if this idea scares the hell out of me, I should absolutely do it. I plan on blogging throughout this entire experience. I also am going to film this little experience both before and after. I’ll try to keep a video blog of it as well.  I’m scheduled shows for the majority of the month. Other days will require the help of friends. Literally going to start this year off with a bang.

And Here….We…..Go.


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