Day 2: A Race Against Time

hour-glass-10375Once again, things did not go as planned. Originally, I had planned to do the improv jam at pH theater last night. I went there and it turned out I was the only one there. There was a minimum of 5 people required in order to play. We all sat around and stared at the door until the time that the show was supposed to start.  I spoke with the people who were running the thing and they were very nice. But there were no other people to perform with so at 8 o’ clock the show was called. However, I’ve made sure to have a contingency plan for a lot of the days I have scheduled. I got in my car and rushed over to the Underground Lounge because I was informed they were doing an open mic night starting around 8. When I got there, thankfully, they had not begun yet. They were very welcoming and had no problem with me performing. Now, I haven’t done stand-up since college so I had no written material whatsoever. Instead, I did improv stand-up, which is basically me asking for a suggestion and then talking about whatever inspired me based on that suggestion. In terms of improv, it’s like the beginning of the improv forms, the ‘Living Room’ or the ‘Armando’ where someone tells a story about themselves. I didn’t play any characters. I was myself and spoke about things honestly. It went extremely well. The audience laughed and I was comfortable speaking in front of them. It went better than I had expected. It was a very supportive environment.  SHOW PLUG – If you’re interested in doing solo material (maybe for an SNL showcase), stand-up, or improv stand-up, I suggest you check out the Underground on the first Wednesday of every month. Once again I’ll have to thank Avery and Cassandra for allowing me to perform because without these shows I’d be 0-2 BBQ so far. Instead, I’ve got 2 shows down and 29 more to go! 😀


2 thoughts on “Day 2: A Race Against Time

    • NastyNally says:

      I got the suggestion of ‘frozen blueberries’, which made me talk about being allergic to strawberries, cats, bees, and horses. The horses led me talking about a former relationship. I also talked about going to Starbucks and the ‘Peppermint Mocha’ incident.

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