Day 3: “Send em’ in”

donnie-brasco-originalTonight was an absolute great time. Other words to describe it would be nonsense, ridiculous, and outrageous. This performance was at the Atlantic Bar for their ‘Backroom Comedy show.’ I really like this place because it’s supportive and a nice little set up for an improv show. The only qualm I have was that I was ridiculously cold. Like hypothermia cold. Like “hey let’s rub our naked bodies together for warmth” kind of cold.  Wait, what? I did the show tonight with my friend Dave and Collin and coined ourselves “60% of Switch Committee.” With Switch Committee, we do a living room format. So that means we get a suggestion from the audience and then sit around (like you’re in an actual living room setting) and talk about it among ourselves honestly and truthfully. It is one of my favorite forms because I get to express my own opinions, thoughts, or stories as I normally would in basic conversation. Although, we ended up talking about the most depressing topics you could imagine. Things like divorce, never meeting my father, and the death of a loved one were discussed. It was a real morgue atmosphere, but still supported by the audience because these were all things they could relate to.

I’ve observed that if you’re truthful and honest, you’re guaranteed to have a better show than if you were to walk out and “try to be funny.” The moment the audience thinks you’re TRYING to be funny, you’re donezo. It’s like saying, “oh hey everyone, I’m hilarious, check this joke out…hilarious right?!” After that statement you would stop in your tracks and smirk to the audience to completely verify that you’re an asshole. I’m not a fan of that. I despise it. Ok. Rant over. So the scenes that followed were insane. I’m not going to go scene by scene, but I’ll give you the gist. It started with a scene where we were playing pranks on one another, but each person was in on the prank against the other person. In other words, it was a double cross or a triple cross. It even turned out to be a quadruple cross at one point. It led to the whole thing revolving around the fact we were undercover cops. My character’s move was that anytime someone got close to revealing anything about me I would kneel down, put my mouth into my shirt and say, “Send em’ in.” Then all of us would run around the stage as if we were a swat team breaking into a building. Of course, we went into the wrong building and the insanity would ensue again. Oh and I would eventually meet my father during the show, who, as you would imagine, was undercover the whole time. In terms of improv, we found the game and played it well. I wish I had done more object work and explored my environment better, but I was pleased with the character choices and flow of the show.   It was absolute nonsense and I loved every minute of it. I’m still feeling great about this whole thing at the moment. I woke up this morning with the biggest smile on my face. I’m doing what I love.

Day 3 down. 28 more to go.


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