Day 4: THE King of the World

4-i-m-the-king-of-the-world_imagelargeStill feeling very good about these shows. The show tonight was at the Bughouse Theater thanks to my friend Patrick putting me on the schedule. I had a lot of fun tonight. One memorable scene was a couple reenacting the scene from Titanic where Leo screams, “I’m King of the World.” Except, I thought the saying was “I’m the King of the World” so I just kept rambling that. There was honest and hilarious dispute among my scene partner and I because I honestly didn’t know which saying was right. There was also a scene where a father taught his son about how to bully and another about a father showing his son an anti-bullying technique. This would lead to a showdown in school between the child getting picked on and the bully.

Personally, I wish I had done a few more characters. Since I plan on doing this from night to night, my goal tomorrow is to at least try out one or more distinguishable characters. Also, names. NAMES NAMES NAMES. A wise teacher once told me, “the greatest gift you can give your partner is a NAME and the greatest gift you can give yourself is an EMOTION.” With that being said, I’m going to make sure to provide my scene partner(s) with a name and myself with an emotion tomorrow. I need to start actively applying the things I have learned in the past to make myself a stronger performer. Otherwise, I’m not using what I’ve learned. Despite setting the goal of doing 31 shows in a row, mini-goals must also be set on a day to day basis. Day 4 down. 27 more to go.


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