Day 5: Voodoo

tumblr_mcqvce7ST91r2asrqo1_400Last night I did a show at the Upstairs Gallery opening up for a group of friends of mine. Switch Committee did the show and we did our usual living room style format. We talked about things like the warrior dash and working out, movie montages, and skipping the whole act of sex to just “get to the good part.” I gotta say I love performing with these guys. We always have each other’s backs no matter what. As I had planned to do, I worked on names and establishing characters. I do wish I would have came into scenes more often with a specific emotion in mind. For example, walking in angry, sad, proud, guilty, or scared gives yourself (character you choose) and your partner a whole helluva lot more to work with then just walking out with nothing in mind at all. This is something I intend on working on…tonight when I have another show.  That’s another reason why I love doing this and doing it consecutively day after day. If I plan on working on something, I can work on it the next night rather than waiting a week or two until the next show I had scheduled. One notable scene for me was when I reminisced with my father (a witch doctor) about accidentally putting a voodoo doll in the dryer and coincidentally shrinking my sister, who, of course, is now sitting on a mantel in the living room. A bizarre and wild scene, but one that was still somewhat realistic and believable because our characters were committed to what was going on. Personally, I’m happy with the choices I made as an improviser last night. I played a specific character at one point (southern twang cowboy type of guy who was losing his hair) and brought him back later in the show. I was also very happy with my initiations. All in all, the show was a lot of fun and it was a great night. The group that asked us to open for them (Cool Jacket) did an amazing show and we’re glad we got to share the stage with them. The group after us, Jukebox, also kicked ass. They are all people I went through iO with and consider close friends.

Tonight I actually have 2 shows, but it still only counts as one night. One at the Underground Lounge at 8pm and another at the Playground at 9:30pm. 5 down. 26 more to go.


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