Day 6: Gazebo

Bailey's_Hill_gazebo_in_Nahant,_MassachusettsFirst off, let me explain that today was basically IMPROV-day. I woke up and immediately headed to rehearsal, which went from 11am-1pm. We worked on the Bat (a piece entirely done in the dark) and the La Ronde (helps with character development). After that I went home and went right to bed. NAP HARD. NAP HARD 2. NAP HARD 3: WITH A VENGEANCE. LIVE FREE OR NAP HARD. A GOOD DAY TO NAP HARD. You get the point.

Tonight I had 2 shows. A double billing. Both extremely fun. FUN TOWN, USA. I’ve broken them down separately below:

  • Show 1: Underground Lounge at 8PM

This was a mash-up of friends of mine. Mostly all people who I went through iO with. I introduced them as “friends and foes” of mine. I’m such an idiot. We did a descriptive opening to start. Our suggestion was gazebo and we described it in great detail. This opening was to serve as an idea generator for the following scenes. Right off the bat, I was thrilled with the first scene. I did a scene with one of my best friends Yvette. We played awkward teenagers who were on a date (at my parent’s house on my parent’s porch). She liked me for my colorful braces (they changed for every holiday) and we had shared a millisecond kiss at the school dance a few days before. It was so much fun. I loved the other scenes my partners did as well. Every scene clearly established location and relationship. Personally, I was happy with my character choices in this. I was a squeaky voiced and just overly awkward teen in one scene and a Russian diplomat/bad guy in another.  Overall, I was very pleased with the show and thought we did a great job calling things back. I’d like to thank my friends Joe, Lindsey, Derek, Yvette, and Frank for performing with me.

  • Show 2: Extended Play at the Playground Theater at 9:30PM

As soon as the show at the Underground was over, I rushed out to my car to drive to the Playground. Not too far of a drive at all. Literally like 2 blocks away. This show was the beginning of a 3 week run at the Playground for what’s called ‘Extended Play.’ With Extended Play, for the 1st week, you open the show with a 15 minute set. For the 2nd week, middle slot, 20-25 minutes and for the 3rd week, closer, 30-35 minutes. Switch Committee was able to do our normal idea generating living room opening and visit a ton of different scenes within the 15 minute time. Afterward we discussed how much we were able to accomplish with only 15 minutes. There was one scene where my partner Dave and I announced movie trailers behind the curtain while my other teammates Alan and Collin watched them. This led to Chris Rock, Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey, and even Samuel L. Jackson impersonations. It was ridiculous. Ridiculous fun.

So there you have it. I. AM. EXHAUSTED. BUT I am still loving every minute of this. I just realized I haven’t had one sad or depressing thought since I started this. I’ve just been GOING. Tomorrow I might do a solo show. Still not sure yet. I guess I’ll figure it out tomorrow. Am I right? (Drum roll). 6 down. 25 more to go.


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