Day 7: Batman’s Lair

Snap2It’s officially been one continuous week of improv. Nonstop Improv. Tonight’s show was at the Playground. I went to the Mixer. At the Mixer, you do a mini workshop in the beginning, then break off into three teams, and each team does a different form. My team did a descriptive opening where you describe the environment  but you also become what you describe. For example, I became a water fall and stood in the front waving my arms up and down as if…..wait for it….I was a waterfall. I’m happy we did this because I haven’t done this type of opening  in forever (might have been like 6 months ago).  Personally, I wasn’t really happy with my choices. Honestly, I think the suggestion through me off (EXCUSE CITY) because it’s a suggestion I’ve been waiting my whole life for (insert laughs here).

I am a ridiculous Batman fan and when the suggestion ‘Batman’s lair’ was given, I just about squealed. As soon as the scenes started, I immediately became Batman. That was my first mistake. I regretted that choice as soon as I made it. There’s no worse feeling in the world than thinking “oh this choice sucks” 5 seconds after you do something.  The only thing worse is when you do it AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SHOW. Nightmare. I should have, as an improviser, been influenced by the suggestion rather than taking it literally. This was the first time in the past 7 days I can recall regretting a move I made on stage. Sucks, but this is good. I needed that feeling to help me evaluate my choices and more importantly expand on suggestions. I definitely had fun doing the piece, but I wish I wouldn’t have ‘nerded’ out so much about it being Batman and just took it like any other suggestion. My brain went into overload over-thinking Batman references. It was like someone had handed me a lottery ticket. I had a fun time altogether and got to meet some new improvisers. It’s always fun playing with new people and they were all very nice people who I enjoyed playing with. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the Mixer because anyone can show up and do some improv with each other. Very laid back and inviting. I look forward to doing this again next week. 7 down. 24 more to go.


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