Day 8: 24lb turkeys

2011-Turkey1Last night, I narrowly averted another crisis. I had a show scheduled for 8pm at the Horseshoe Bar off of Lincoln. As I’m driving to the bar, I get an email that says, “SHOW CANCELED.” The reason being, they served a minor so they are closed for an entire week. I went into panic mode. I thought the whole operation (31 days) was done for. I got on the horn immediately and started texting everyone who was either coming to the show to watch or coming to perform. I knew the Underground Lounge had 8pm and 10pm shows scheduled so I floored it over there hoping to God they would let me jump in. I was in such a frantic frazzled state I might as well have just driven right into the bar. When I got there, I informed one of the people who runs the show, Orlando, about my situation. He was more than happy to help, but we had to wait and see who showed up for the 8pm shows first. After some time, the other guy who runs the shows, Avery (he  helped me find a backup show for the very first night of this journey), showed up and said the 10pm slot would be available for sure if I wanted to stick around. Obviously I stuck around. Two other friends (Caleb & Finn) were going to join me at 8pm, but they couldn’t stick around for the 10pm. I am still  happy they showed up and were willing to play.

So I waited until 10pm to do that show. My friend Frank stuck around with me and agreed to do a 2 man show. We did a living room format. We ended up doing one continuous scene in one environment (a kitchen) the entire time.  We were a couple (I was the woman and he was the man) in a rocky relationship. The banter that we had with each other during this scene was absolutely hilarious in my opinion. Turns out I worked at a call center and had just been laid off and he was a stay at home Dad/Mr.Mom but we didn’t have any kids. He was also cooking a 24lb turkey that I informed him would take me the rest of the year to eat because I was only 90lbs. I was absolutely thrilled with this show. I thought we established the relationship right out of the gates. We explored that relationship throughout the scene and discovered why we were drifting apart from one another or why the “spark isn’t there anymore.” It went really well.

Special thank you’s go out  to Orlando and Avery at the Underground Lounge, Mike Finn, Caleb Carnes, and Frank Leyden. The Underground Lounge, once again, saves the day. Can’t be thankful enough. Day 8 down. 23 more to go.


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