Day 9: Zero Dark Forty

keebler_elves1Last night I was in a show for my friend Frank’s birthday. He held a show with a bunch of people he has performed with in the past and he jumped in with each one of the groups. This was the same Frank I did a 2 man show with on Tuesday. The suggestion was the guilty pleasure of cookies. The opening scene was between my friend Joe and I. A scene where I would end up kissing him. I’m still very much only a fan of women, but it had to be done. The scene called for it! It was a scene where I was a keebler elf who’s wife didn’t respect him because he never “mans up.” I didn’t get the promotion at work and I wasn’t being a man around the tree house. In the effort to prove to her that I was a man, I playfully forced myself onto her. We smashed our faces against each other and the audience laughed. For example, as my wife, Joe said, “pretend you’re a robber when you come in here”, which led to me adopting a deeper voice and running up to her. That transitioned into a scene where I was the elf still, but now in an interrogation room being asked by a tough cop (my friend Nnamdi) why I was assaulting my wife. The cop would slap me around and then other cops would come in and slap each other around. A very fun game. I also got to be a basketball player (got on my friend Collin’s shoulders) and played a weird game of ring around the rosey with Frank in later scenes. I was also conscious of my time on stage. I noticed, “hey I’ve been in a few scenes, I think I’ll take one off.” There were a ton of call-backs as well with different characters. I plan on really working on my characters tonight. After that, I plan on going to sleep because I’m exhausted. Day 9 down. 22 more to go.


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