Day 10: Sussudio

images (1)First of all, shout out to Monkey Island, who runs the Back Room Comedy show at the Atlantic. I reached out to one of them (Brandon), and asked if I could jump in even though I wasn’t scheduled to do a show there for my 31 days. Nothing but support from this group. Makes me feel good about the comedy community. Last night I did a show with my friend Collin. We did a basic two-man set where we just got a suggestion and went right into it. The suggestion was Darts. We would find out that Collin’s character Gary had destroyed the bar recently in a fit of rage because of troubles with his wife. Throughout this scene, we started playing little games.

The overall game was saying things that would piss Collin’s character off or make him go nuts again. Within that game, we found others. For example, Collin hated Phil Collins so I went over to the jukebox to turn ‘Sussudio’ on. This led to a quick cut scene of Phil Collins in the studio then back to the jukebox where I talked about how ‘Sussudio’ reminds me of American Psycho. Then we did another quick cut scene to Christian Bale on the set of American Psycho and he started yelling at one of the production crew (the light guy) walking around in the background. The whole point of me pissing off Collin was in the hopes he would destroy the bar again and I could cash in on it to pay a debt. Ridiculous, but so much fun. I loved this show. I got to do a bunch of different characters and I got to play off a bunch of the characters Collin created. He played this old man (who was only 45) who kept interrupting and interjecting himself into the conversation. Every line he said as this guy killed. I got to play Phil Collins, Randy Newman (such a funny voice to try and imitate), and Christian Bale (did the best angry Welsh accent I could do). Another fantastic thing about this show was that, even though we jumped to different scenes with those different characters, we always came back to the core scene. The show started in that core scene and it ended it that core scene, but all those characters that were introduced played a pivotal role between the initial characters Collin and I had created for ourselves. Success! Day 10 down. 21 more to go.


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