Day 12 PART 2: BYOT or Bring Your Own Dragons

Dragon-Cartoon-Clip-Art_93As stated in the previous post, I wasn’t sure if I was going to do the BYOT because I wanted to make sure I had something locked in beforehand. However, the planning started early in the day and I reached out/was contacted by friends who said they would join me at the BYOT to form a team(s) just in case. I reached out to Frank who agreed to join me. My friend Adam reached out to me. He told me he had a few other people in mind. Those people being other friends Dylan, Marcus, Sarah, Lane, and Lyndsay. Thankfully, our team got pulled out of the bucket and together we formed TEAM NASTY. It was outrageous. It was insane. It was so much fun it was nuts. Before we even came out we talked about being physical and being BIG. The suggestion was Dragon. Naturally, right out of the gates this led to dragon sex and lots of it. Almost everyone was on stage climbing on top of one another. Then, we’d cut to 9 months later where we’d see the birth of a dragon. A horrific image. We would try to do a grounded scene, but it would quickly become mania again as everyone joined in on the fun. Someone at the end of the night said, “you guys may have been the team that had the most fun up there tonight.” I honestly wanted to have a really grounded scene where the relationship was clearly established, but I got caught up in all the action. I’m not going to analyze this show because it was just a bunch of friends having a good time. At one point I forgot the audience was even there because of all the nonsense going on. Although, the audience enjoyed it as well. People like to see other people having fun and that’s all that was going on here.

We found the games and we played them well. Some of the locations of the scenes were where we were in a movie theater in the round and later we were in a theater in the round. In the round meaning the audience surrounds the actors or screen (for the movies). We would also address the audience in a very fun PSA-like commercial way asking them why they were laughing at things like dragon sex and that for only 20 cents a day they could help to stop things like this. Finally, the lights would dim down on us singing Sarah McLaughlin’s “In the arms of an angel.” The 10 minutes we were allowed felt like 30 seconds. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am happy I got to share the stage with all of them. Dragon sex. Hilarious.


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