Day 13: Hallmark

275px-GreetingcardsretaildisplaySo last night Switch Committee had a show at the Playground Theater. This is the second show of our 3 week run at the Playground. We had gotten the suggestion of Hallmark and talked about greeting cards. The one issue we identified was that we became jokey during our living room discussion. That sorta defeats the purpose of the living room because we should save those ideas for the scenes. For example, I mentioned that people save greeting cards, but what are you supposed to do with all these cards. I have an entire drawer filled with greetings cards that I’ve collected over the years. This was a funny topic, but it would have been much funnier if it had transpired in a scene. While the show was still good and the audience laughed, we didn’t feel right about it. Something was off. The general consensus was that it felt like we were playing to the audience compared to playing for ourselves. Your’e probably thinking, “well the audience is coming to see you so you’re always playing for them.” That’s somewhat true, but when we play among ourselves and have fun together and kind of forget the audience is there, we end up having much better shows. Personally, I was not happy with some of my moves. There were a few instances I remember where I had the thought, “oh this will be funny” and immediately jumped out and said what I was thinking.  DISASTER. As stated in the past, BIG MISTAKE. If you think something is going to be funny, it won’t be. I did some characters and we jumped on some games. Callbacks were also apparent. The show, as a whole, was still very good and funny, but we have set  high expectations for ourselves with every show we do. Another thing we did today as a group was our first official podcast where we talk about my 31 days of comedy adventure. We also do Randy Newman impersonations. It’s ridiculous. Check it out below:



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