Day 14: Dramatiprov

Kansas-dust-in-the-windLast night’s show was at Mullens. I’ve never done their Monday night improv show so this was a first for me. We, TEAM NASTY, had decided that we were going to do something differently. I informed the audience that we were going to be doing dramatic improv. Moreover, scenes or excerpts that you would see from movies that are nominated at the Academy Awards. There is actually a short form game called Oscar Winning Moment. However, every scene we were doing was intended to be from an Oscar Winning Movie. Every scene. Serious. The irony is that the more serious you try to act, the funnier the scenes turn out to be. As a whole, I think it was a really fun show. The relationships were definitely clear in every scene. We also found the games very quickly and played them out. Some games included singing Kansas’ “Dust in the Wind” as well as REO Speedwagon’s “Keep on loving you” as background music (on the radio) for scenes.

Personally, I got to play a few different characters so that was good. A few times I played a softer voice character, but I don’t even know why. I need to have something in mind before I walk out besides a soft voice. I wasn’t happy with a few of my initiations  I found myself to be vague at times, but with the support of my team members we were able to discover what the scene was really about. For example, one scene revolved around a guy at the doctor’s office who came to get his test results. We would play the game that I had “it” (never saying what it was), but it was not as bad as that “thing” that everyone else in town is getting. The doctor in the scene (Lane), would say, “I have to go back to med school and find out where it all went wrong…probably the moment I opened my mouth in this scene.” That was really funny to me and the audience loved it. Thank you to those who joined Team Nasty tonight (Adam, Marcus, Lane, Chloe, and Mike). Some have said, “I read your blog and you talk about each show, but how ARE YOU feeling?” Well, I’m having fun. This is quite the experience. I’m tired at times and stressed, but I still look forward to each show. I’ve found that my ‘down in the dumps’ feelings or moments are not as prevalent as before. Perhaps, cause I’m doing what I love to do almost 24/7.


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