Day 15: Al Pacino is in the building

imagesTonight I did a show at the Horseshoe with my friend Dave. It was so much fun. We were 40% of Switch Committee. We did a 2 man living room and got the suggestion “skydiving.” We talked about window washers who parachuted off buildings after work and people who owned sugar gliders. This led Dave to mention how he doesn’t trust people who own birds and that birds are weird. I quickly made the transition into the first scene after that statement where I was squawking like a bird off-stage. He would act terrified for a few seconds until I would come out from behind the curtain to reveal that it was just me, ol’ Grandpa . The Grandpa who was getting even on a practical joke that his grandson played on him the week before (that joke being that Dave ran into the bathroom while Grandpa was taking a bath and tossed an unplugged microwave into the bathtub).  We did one continuous scene, but did cut-to’s to a bunch of other scenes. For example, we mentioned grandma during our conversation and then immediately jumped to a scene with grandma in it, then cut-back to the original scene. We would do this about 2 to 3 more times where we would meet different characters.  We were originally watching Any Given Sunday in the scene. When I hit play on the remote he started doing an Al Pacino impersonation. I would pimp him into doing the impression numerous times throughout the scene. For example, this led to me suggesting we put in Glengarry Glen Ross instead.  We would later cut-to a deleted scene with Al Pacino (Dave) and Alec Baldwin (me), but they could never include the scene in the movie’s final cut because Alec Baldwin kept getting caught up in the heat of the scene and turning into Al Pacino. It was ridiculous, but hilarious. We would wrap up our set with Alec Baldwin winning the Best Supporting Actor award at the Academy Awards.

Personally, I absolutely loved this show. The ideas were flowing back and forth between us. The characters we played were fun, the relationships were clear, and the environment was explored. I also did clear object work as I made sure to take the DVD’s out of their cases and insert them into the DVD player. A subtle but crucial detail to establishing the belief in the environment. We’re finally half-way. I can’t believe it. I’ve done 15 shows in a row. Ahhhhhhh!


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