Day 18: “You’re a Goat” (Improv Gladiators Competition Night 2)

9MAh3Last night Switch Committee did the Improv Gladiator competition again at the Cornservatory. It was a lot of fun. To start, I initiated a scene with “Gary, can you come in here?” I would then inform Gary (David) that he got the promotion. He asked me what his new title was going to be. I said Master. Quickly we had created some type of universe where job titles were not the typical job titles we hear today. In this world, I was the Emperor and he was the Master. We committed to it though and made the crazy idea realistic. His promotion allowed him to wear a cowbell, which released a pissed off Genie (Alan).  The Genie informed David that he would grant him one wish. I would intervene and ask if I could get a wish as well. The Genie immediately turned me into a goat. I would stay a goat for the next 4 minutes. I was thinking while I was crawling around, “should I come back, should I edit or should I just stay with this.” I decided to stay a goat. A decision I’m very happy I made because that’s what the scene required at the time.  It was a moment,  that I recognized in my head, “This isn’t about me. This is about us. STAY A FUCKING GOAT.” The scene progressed, other people were turned into other objects, and eventually we transitioned into a new scene masking the Law & Order TV show. Shortly after this new scene was established, the Genie would return. I would enter to ask for a wish like I had done before and quickly be turned into a balloon. It was ridiculous, but hilarious. I floated all around the stage and started to float away until Collin grabbed a hold of me. I would float around near him until finally he was pulled inside of the balloon. Together we would float around the stage while Alan and David continued their scene. Soon, the balloon would pop and Collin and I would fall dead to the ground, which queued Alan to sing the Law & Order theme song again. It was the best way to come full circle and end the set. The audience loved it and the reaction to what we were doing was very complimentary. The judges gave us the most points they could and complimented us on our moves and commitments during the set. I was thrilled with the show. We were playful and we had fun. The relationships were clear and the games were clear (turning people into inanimate objects).  Another thing I must address is the other groups are very good. This is a very fun thing to do because I get to watch the other groups perform. Everyone in the room is doing good improv.


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