Day 19: Astronauts, Wet Nurses, and a GrubHub guy

astronaut_in_space-wideTonight I did a show at the Bar Below thanks to my friends Timmy (runs the show) and Jake (told me about the show). I jumped in to do ‘The Mixtape.”  The idea is that it’s a bunch of improvisers who have never performed together before jump on stage to do a set. I was surprised how well we worked together cause sometimes jumping in with random people can be tough. Anyone who has ever done an improv audition knows this first hand. It can either go splendid or tragically wrong. This, however, went extremely well.  Right from the start, we were all on the same page. The first scene involved guys at command center on Earth (did not say, but it was implied it was NASA) talking to an astronaut who was stranded in space. Everyone at the command center was a dumbsky/terrible at their job. We would inform him that it was going to take a while (3-15 minutes/hours) to get new oxygen tanks out to him. However, our characters were more occupied on other things like when the Grubhub was going to arrive. This led to a new scene where we saw one of the guys from NASA talking about how he planned on killing the guy in space the whole time and then to a live broadcast for the funeral. I would interrupt the live funeral as the GrubHub guy finally arriving with the food.

The next scene would involve a man at war who had a team of followers watching his every move. A funny little game occurred here where people mentioned things they thought he was really good at. This would lead to his superior officer telling him that he was released of duty because he just wasn’t getting the job done.  The scene after involved me being his wife welcoming him back home and telling him I was pregnant. This would lead to me meeting a wet nurse (who was actually wet cause of excessive sweating) to help me with my pregnancy and the scene following was a fake protest at an abortion clinic. A fake protest by guys with the hopes of meeting women. I would walk out towards the end of this scene and interrupt the protest by passing out food as the GrubHub guy once again. Lights (show ended there). Personally. I was thrilled with the show. I worked very well with everyone and had a ton of fun. There were people I have been wanting to work  with and now know that we work well together. The response from the audience was great. A very responsive crowd. They laughed at all the moves we were making and seemed to be enjoying what they were watching. The transitions and motives for every scene were clear and concise. It was very clear to follow the ‘story’ that we had established. I was happy with the GrubHub character that I had created. We didn’t really get to see much of him, but we didn’t need to. In my head, he was created solely to edit/end a scene. All because ‘GrubHub’ was mentioned once in the very first scene. The laughter that this garnered reinforces the fact that nothing is a throwaway line. Everything you or your partners say has importance. Which, more importantly, reinforces listening. I look forward to doing this show again.


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