Day 20: Most fun I’ve ever had

tumblr_m5mxn3ePUX1r51ucco1_500Last night I did a show that was some of the most fun I’ve ever had on stage. I did a show with Switch Committee at the Playground for our final Extended Play show. It was completely ridiculous. We had 35 minutes on stage and it felt like it went by in 5. Right from the start, we opened the door for nonsense. We started to do our normal living room opening when we heard a crash (guy fell getting to his seat) in the audience. Rather than ignore it, we immediately acknowledged it and started interrogating/razzing the guy who caused the commotion. We asked him what kind of wine he was drinking, what his favorite wine is, and then we turned on the house lights to see if anyone else in the audience was drinking wine. David was trying to tell a story, but we kept turning back to the guy in the audience to continue our conversation with him. Every time this happened the audience laughed. A quick game occurred as each member tried to tell a story, but it was interrupted by other members continuing their conversation with the audience member. This is the first time we’ve ever done anything like this, but it ran so smoothly. We usually talk among ourselves and never involve the audience, but this time we pulled out all the stops. I’m not going to go into detail with the scenes, but we were very physical and we played a ton of different characters. I will say that we summoned an evil monkey (played by Alan) after reciting the cryptic words from a book (like in Evil Dead). Awesome!

Personally, I loved it. I was very happy with the choices I made. I had so much fun and the audience’s reaction to what we were doing was amazing. EVERYONE in the room was in on the fun. We broke all the rules. We tried everything and we each had each other’s back. We kept calling things (scenes and characters) back. There was a mix of crazy nonsense as well as grounded sincere scenes. Our edits were smooth and we played a variety of different characters. It went so well, the guy in the light booth (also named Dave and is one of the people who started the Extended Play) got in on the fun. Usually he doesn’t interact with the show (just lets the team do their own thing), but he provided us with music (Jurassic Park theme song) as well as different lighting for the scenes. It made our set so much better.


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