Day 21: Mixing it up at the Playground again

FS1FKHZSM2DXV5DTTonight I did The Mixer at the Playground again. It was SO much fun. I really enjoyed it from start to finish. For starters, this is a great Monday night thing. For $5 improvisers get together to have fun. That’s actually the #1st and #3rd rule – HAVE FUN. #2 being ‘Don’t be a douche-bag.” So right from the start everyone is there to kick back and do some improv and support each other. It’s a very supportive environment. For the workshop, we learned about being on the same page as your scene partner. How you may be sitting next to someone who you are in complete agreement with vs another group of people who you are not in agreement with (but they are in agreement with each other). Sounds complicated, but it’s not. One of the problems with multiple people in a scene is that it can sometimes cause conflict. This is cause when 3+ people are each coming in with their own ideas, it can sometimes be hectic and crazy if people aren’t on the same page. We tested the theory out by doing some heavy handed scenes where we were given the back-story or premise (example: friends getting together for a Super Bowl party) and then told to improvise. For example, we had 4 people total in my scene. I was with the 3 who were really good friends excited to watch the game together. However, the other guy (my co-worker), was the 4th person in the scene who was invited because we were just trying to be nice. We would DISCOVER how I worked with him at the office, he sat in the cubicle in front of me, and he eavesdropped on my phone conversations with my wife Carol. We all played off each other very well as the 4th guy would say things clearly helping us to play off the fact that he was the outsider here. I was thrilled at how well it turned out. After the workshop, teams were created and we did a quick show.

The show we did was outstanding. The ideas behind the scenes we did were clear. I watched as one scene would inspire the next scene and so on and so forth. More importantly, we applied everything we had learned in the workshop to the show. For example, in one scene I came out behind someone to ‘scare them’ with a classic “BOO, gotcha!” This prompted someone else to pop out attempting to scare the person. Before you knew it, the entire team was out on stage trying to scare that person with a variety of “boo’s, gotcha’s, and scared ya’s!” It was a hilarious game that quickly occurred all because everyone was on the same page and in agreement that we were going to scare this person.  I definitely can walk away from this one picking something up. It seems so obvious, but it’s in our human nature to create conflict. I quickly found the game aspect of this, which I LOVE. I’m totally a game-oriented type of improviser. I was very happy with the choices I made during this show.

I can’t believe it. Only 10 more shows left. This has gone by so fast. FUN! (not the band).


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