Day 22: Team Nasty goes to Middle Earth

8003Last night I did a show with TEAM NASTY (me and random people I’d like to play with). Thanks to Zack, Dave, Frank, and Derek for joining me. This show started differently than other shows in terms of the form. I thought, “let’s do a multi-person Armando” where multiple people on the stage can come up and do a monologue. For the performance, we would pull ideas from those monologues to do scenes. After the monologues, the scenes began. As a whole, I thought the show was so-so based on the audience reaction. I don’t know what it was, but it was not going as well as I had hoped. Don’t get me wrong, I still had fun and more importantly, I didn’t panic at any moment. Anytime I step on the stage I immediately feel better than when I was sitting in the audience, but something just felt off. I could roll through the excuses (I’m starting to get sick, it was 5 degrees out, etc.) or I could try to breakdown the improv set in the attempt to fix the problem.

Personally, I wasn’t happy with my choices. I wasn’t happy with the characters I picked. I didn’t think they had much detail or purpose. I think the characters I chose were one-off characters. In other words, the character that comes out once, says a line, and we edit the scene on that. I also didn’t really explore the environment. I sat a lot too. Instead, I should have come out, done object work, moved around and been more physical like I have in other shows. I also think things may have gotten a little weird too quickly. We needed a really well-rounded and grounded scene, but everyone was so excited to play we were quickly trying to jump on any and all games. On the plus side, I think we did a great job with the games. We got to travel through Heaven, Hell and Purgatory (which we called Middle Ground and referenced Lord of the Rings) in a tag-out run of scenes. We brought back everything that we had established in the beginning (all the characters returned and the same type of scene that started the show also ended the show), which was great. I was bummed at first, but after sleeping on it and thinking about the actual improv that was done, I’m satisfied with what we did as a group. Improv wise, we did a good job calling things back, committing to the characters we had created, and wrapping things up nicely. I’m happy with that and like I said, performing is fun no matter what.


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