Day 23: A trip to ComedySportz

logo_reg_all_colorSo last night I did the short form improv jam at ComedySportz run by The Stevens Family. The Stevens Family is a group of wild and drunken hillbillies (part of the show) who choose different short form games to play and then ask for people to jump on stage to play them. Let it be known, I am still sick so my enthusiasm and energy is at an all-time low. I enjoyed the way the show was run. The Stevens Family does a good job of inviting you in on the fun, which I appreciated. However, playing the games was tough. It’s very difficult for me to be on the spot funny. I’m more of a explore and discover type of person where you watch the ‘funny’ develop. Of course, I jumped on stage when they decided to play the game “Be Funnier.” The premise is that 3 people will be having a scene and at any point the host can stop the scene, point at a player, and say “be funnier.” At that point, you have to make sure whatever you say is funnier than the last thing that you said. It’s brutal. I quickly found myself scattering for something, anything, and coming up with nothing.  I found myself having a hard time being funny at all during this. I felt more like an idiot than anything. However, the Stevens Family did a great job of supporting the things we did and inviting the audience to laugh about it.

Another game I played was called ‘Categories.’ That’s where the host gets a category from the audience and then points at people on stage to start rapid-fire rattle them off. For example, he’d point to multiple people after getting the suggestion ‘Planets’ and you’d hear Saturn, Venus, Earth, etc. This was another one I had trouble with. I’m awful when you point at me and tell me to “GO.” I can’t really judge myself on this one. Despite doing short-form in college for 2 years, I’m not really fond of it anymore. I didn’t really get to work on things because I was busy playing the games. It was fun to try this out because if I hadn’t been doing this whole month long thing I probably wouldn’t have. It’s always fun to try something new. Short form? I’ve got no business here.


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