Day 24: It’s Sly Stallone

sylvester-stallone-el-post-que-se-merece-taringa-689951Tonight I got to play Sylvester Stallone while doing a show with Switch Committee (Dave, Collin, and I tonight). A character I’ve wanted to play ever since I started improvising. Being pimped into Stallone was so much fun. I played the punch drunk action star with a slur who’s tactic was messing up lines (saying lines from other movies like Throw Mama from the Train and Rocky) and punching everyone on set. A character so incomprehensible he needed a translator. Stupid, but fun. I enjoyed it and I think the audience did too. At least, I hope they did. Personally, I had fun with this show. I’ve had fun with all these shows. However, I don’t think the improv was that great tonight. Rather than having an actual grounded scene (something I feel I’ve lacked in the past few shows), we got crazy and just went with the fun. We jumped into a game very quickly and rode it out til the end. For example, we started with myself and Collin sitting at the theater watching movie trailers. I played an Italian/Boston type of character while Collin played my date. We pimped Dave into announcing the trailers and then after each trailer we would cut to the filming of that movie or “on the set.” We would do this for new blockbuster movies coming out with Sylvester Stallone, Will Smith, Hugh Grant, and Charlie Sheen.

Almost all of them (all except for Charlie Sheen) getting a quick cut-to moment to the filming of the movie. We did do one scene outside of this game where we were 3 guys at a birthday party. Collin played Thad, the birthday boy who loved having his friends over to watch the movies (referring to some of the ones we had mentioned in the trailers). Quickly things would spin out of control as he would find out we thought the movies he liked were shit and before we knew it, the scene we were in was actually a new Michael Bay Trailer. I just kept pretending I was exploding all over the place. Something Dave and Collin jumped on making me do more of, which triggered a laugh from the audience. It was a scene within a scene. Later, Stallone would have a dream within a dream. We would later end the show with a slip of the tongue (I said Hugh Jackman instead of Hugh Grant). There was some clever stuff going on when you break it down, but I want more than that.  We can have a grounded scene and get just as many laughs. I look forward to working on that tomorrow.


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