Day 25: An illusion (Improv Gladiators Competition Night 3)

9MAh3So last night we did our third improv gladiators show at the Cornservatory. When I say we, I mean Switch Committee. I’ve been having a ton of fun doing these Cornservatory shows. Week after week we have been really bringing it to the stage and firing on all levels (characters, call-backs, being physical, exploring the stage, and transformational edits). We got the suggestion of popcorn, which led to a scene where Alan was in line to buy popcorn at a movie theater (Collin behind the counter) while David and I stood behind him fighting with each other. We were the kids. Things quickly escalated as Alan turned around and reprimanded us for fighting and then slapped us around. It was hilarious as David and I flew around the stage after being slapped. Alan would then slap Collin for questioning him. While laying on the floor, I transitioned into a new scene where David and I were a father and son working under a car. The conversation we had while under the car was funny because we talked about how I’m waiting for an acceptance letter for college and how mom’s a smoker (this queued Alan to crawl under the car as the mail man). I would mention that I was covered in oil and that if a spark (from one of mom’s cigarettes) went off  it would blow up everything (this queued Collin to crawl under the car with some cucumber sandwiches. The next scene was between Alan and I laying in bed. His opening line was, “why won’t you kiss me?” to which I responded, “I’ve got wind-burnt lips.” There was some funny conversation back and forth between us which ultimately revealed that my character, who built igloos in Alaska, was looking for excuses not to kiss his girlfriend. Collin and David would enter as Penguins who would quickly be slapped around and dismissed by the upset girlfriend. This transitioned back to the scene at the movie theater where Alan (the child abusing maniac) would reveal that he was an illusionist. This became a quick game of Scooby-Doo like “I was you the whole time” moments. For example, he made me disappear then brought me back. Then, revealed that he was actually Collin and that David and I were the same person despite being brothers. It was absolutely insane, but hilarious and fun to play out.  Later on, we would revisit the under the car scene to close out the set. Of course, this was after the car had exploded killing everyone leaving only me and my now disfigured father. He would inform me that a letter had come for me from the university. I asked the question, “well, did I get in?” The show was called right then and there. Like an open-ended movie, we never found out if I got into the school. I loved it.

Personally, I loved every second of our set. I got to be extremely physical. For example, I fell down the stairs in one scene and then slid across and off the stage in another. Let it be known that this stage is a platform that’s about 5 feet off the ground. I also was happy with my choices and what I brought to the scenes either as an initiation or as supporting dialogue. As a whole, I’m enjoying these shows. I like the other teams (everyone is doing great work) and the improv gladiators are really cool people. I’m bad at these short-form games, but it’s still fun to try them out. Ton of fun! Love this! Only 5 more days left, I can’t believe it. This month has gone by so fast. The saying “time flies when you’re having fun” couldn’t be any truer.


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