Day 27: Spice Girls

imagesLast night Switch Committee did a show at the Upstairs Gallery opening up for our friends (wanted to write fronds for some reason) Jukebox. It was another one of those “good, but we didn’t feel great about it” shows. We had fun. We played around with each other. Though something was missing. It felt as if we were playing hesitant or we didn’t pull the trigger. I know personally there was a few times I was thinking “what are we doing” vs just going with the flow. It may have been because of our opening. We kinda got stuck on a certain topic (the Spice Girls) and just discussed that for a good amount of time. By the time the living room was over, I was having a hard time coming up with anything for a scene. We agreed later that we got hung up on too many things and didn’t give ourselves room to generate ideas. However, we did do some things I was happy with. For example, call-backs were apparent. We brought back almost everything that had been established in the beginning of the show such as characters and mirror scenes.

I was very happy that I got to workshop a character that I created in rehearsal at the end of our set. We had our show called a few minutes early so we could try out my new character. Our coach suggested I try this character out in front of an audience. The character, Trevor, is a rambunctious and wild drunken lunatic who lives his life on the edge. He’s a loud mouthed joint smoking, pill-poppin alcoholic who lives for the party. We put 2 chairs back to back for this. I sat in one while my friends Dave, Alan, Collin, and David rotated one after another presenting different scenarios and characters for me to interact with. It was a ton of fun. Thanks to the guys for encouraging me do this as it was a lot of fun and it got a good response from the audience. As for this 31 days thing, ONLY 4 MORE SHOWS LEFT! :O


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