Day 28: Playing with Coach

imagesSo last night, Switch Committee got to do an extra special show with our coach Timmy Mayse. We were very excited to have him join us as he has been coaching us for the past 3+ months. I reached out to him because I wanted to play with him during this 31 days thing. Right from the get go, we were having fun. The living room beginning talked about things like having your video games stolen and being robbed. Our suggestion had been Xbox which led to a story from Collin about the time he had all his video game consoles stolen as well as other things in his house. A traumatic event. For the first scene, I initiated with “I can’t seem to find my keys.” The reason behind my initiation was pulling from the idea of having things stolen or thinking they were stolen because they were misplaced. Dave joined me in the scene to inform me that the kid down the street was stealing the things (like my keys, wallet, and eventually my shoes and clothes). A quick-game occurred of saying things and watching them immediately disappear. For example, Dave said something like, “sir, put some clothes on” and I replied, “OMG my clothes, he took my clothes!?” We quickly cut to me confronting the kid down the street (Alan), who just so happened be in an iron lung making him incapable of leaving the house let alone stealing anything. I spoke with his father (Collin) about my accusations. I loved that everyone jumped on board to form a breathing apparatus (an iron lung) around Alan with their arms and hands. It really was a “we’re all on the same page” moment. He had a Darth Vader/Bane like way of breathing. I refused to give up about having my things stolen as I was convinced he was lying, which led to Timmy entering as a police officer. I informed him I thought the iron lung kid stole my things. Timmy then went  into the iron lung kid’s house and absolutely tore the place apart (in reference to Collin’s story where his place was destroyed when he was robbed).

In one scene, Dave was playing video games and swearing at someone on a headset. From the side, I spoke as if I was the child (named Tony) on the other end of the headset antagonizing him. We quickly found out it was because I came from a troubled home that I picked on people after Timmy and Alan went behind the curtain and started swearing at each other as my recently divorced mother and father. They said horrible but hilarious shocking things. Things like, “yeah you’d like me to hit you wouldn’t you?! Makes ya butt-hole wet!” SICK. HILARIOUS. RIDICULOUS. FUNNY. That line got a huge uproar from the audience. Hell, it got a huge uproar from everyone stage as we had a hard time keeping it together. In another scene, Alan was attempting to rob me at a Subway restaurant. I lunged at him and disarmed the knife from him, but was then shot. A quick game occurred where I kept getting up, puking, and getting shot over and over. In another scene, I was pulled out to be the child with the iron lung, but decided instead of speaking my character would just bow and salute randomly. Collin and Alan supported me in this scene saying, “this is all he knows how to do now” and asking me questions that resulted in more bowing and saluting. This quickly transitioned into Timmy and Dave as German soldiers addressing me as Adolf Hitler. My character stayed the same, bowing and saluting, but I now had a German accent and was more interested in “drinking vite zinfandel.” The final scene was between Timmy and I as he played a friend over at my house. I was Tony again. He said, “Tony, your parents sure do fight a lot” to which I responded “yeah my dad says my mom’s got a wet butt-hole ” Lights were pulled on that line/final laugh for the set.  Personally, I had so much fun with this show. Afterward, Timmy said he had a great time as well and was happy he got to play with us. The fun level was at a 10/10 on this one. Only 3 days left!


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