Day 29: Trombones, Flutes, and a Clown at the funeral

Clown_Funeral_by_DomonicKoslovLast night I had a ridiculous fun time at the Horseshoe. For this show, I formed Team Nasty with friends Marc, Lane, and Tina. The 4 of us have never played together before. I’ve played with Marc and Lane in the past, but never with Tina. She has, however, been a friend of mine for the past 3 years. We just never got to play together until tonight, but boy was tonight fantastic. For our form, we just decided on a montage. Get a suggestion and go. Simple. Our suggestion: trombone. Right from the start, we got the ball rolling. Tina sat down and started to play an instrument (trombone). I initiated with, “Mom, do you mind if Cindy comes over tonight?” She didn’t respond. Instead she played the trombone and made a noise. I responded with, “oh come on, what if she leaves by 9?” Once again, her response came through the sound of the trombone. Are you watching closely? A game has occurred here. With every question I asked, Tina responded with a trombone answer. The inflection in her voice helped me to understand whether it was simply a yes or a no. Then, Lane entered the scene as Cindy. He burst through the door informing us that he brought his flute. Immediately a war broke out between my mother and Cindy as they argued via musical instruments while I translated the incoherent nonsense. It was so much fun. They made noises and I responded as if they were neck and neck with each other. “Oh don’t say that” and “that doesn’t make any sense” were things that were said after they played their instruments.

In another scene, I played a father and Marc played my son. I informed him that he was grounded. Throughout the scene we discovered that he had a coke habit and that I didn’t want him taking over for his old man. I suggested he start doing something else that’s less harmful like drinking a lot of Sprite. Lane spoke from the side as my wife/his mother Brenda asking if everything was alright down there. This started a shouting battle where both my son and I screamed at Brenda (like father like son) and at the very end I said, “don’t talk to your mother like that.” My son mentioned that he had a dream and goals and referred to his wall, which was covered in Journey albums. A game quickly occurred where Marc would mention bands and I would say incorporate songs those bands were popular for within our conversation. For example, he said, “I love Journey” and I replied “I don’t want you to stop believing.”The final scene was between Tina and Marc at grandma’s funeral. From the side, I started making band noises (call-back to the first scene with the trombone/flute conversation). Periodically, I would make noises with my mouth or randomly clap as if I was the background music in the scene. Marc would call it out as “why the hell is there a band at this funeral?” Tina justified it with, “because that’s what grandma would have wanted.” I would also be called on to be a clown at the funeral. That’s right, a clown performing at a funeral. Hilarious. Since queued me wandering around, blowing up balloons, and eventually dancing for about 2 minutes straight.  It was nuts.

Personally, I was THRILLED with this show. We played characters, had clear relationships, played games, and called things back. More importantly, we were all having fun. It couldn’t have ran smoother. This was one of the first shows where I got to be in a scene with 2 people who weren’t really talking at all, but instead just making noises. Noises that needed to be justified. I look forward to performing with each one of them again in the near future.


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