Day 30: Playing with Lethal Action Force

secret_agent_tiasLast night, I had the opportunity to play with my friends in Lethal Action Force. They do an improvised action movie after getting the suggestion of “the name of an action movie that has never been made before.” They then do it in the style of a movie. For example, they announce camera angles like close-ups or panning across, aerial shots and they do very detailed scene painting and character description. In addition, they have someone in the booth playing a plethora of songs appropriate for, let’s say, a final showdown between good and evil. Since we didn’t have a full group, we had decided to do a ‘clip-show.’ In other words, we’d present a series of clips, but they didn’t need to follow a particular story line. That’s what we planned. That’s not at all what happened. We immediately jumped on a story line and followed it out to the end. Something I was happy we did because we got to follow different characters throughout the show. By the end of the show we’d seen the rise and fall of Evil Corp., which was ran by Satan Tarkington. There were undercover agents, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Medusa-like side-kicks, and explosions.

In terms of my performance, I made one initiation that I felt was appropriate. Jesus was standing outside waiting for a bus and mentioning that it was running late. I cut to being the driver of the bus and informing everyone that we couldn’t go over 15mph (driving extremely slow). We would discover that all the camera system needed was a wire to keep the video on a loop. We also found out that Dennis Hopper was watching. A reference to the Keanu Reeve’s classic, Speed. My bus driver character turned out to be one of the undercover agents sent in to infiltrate Evil Corp. later in the show. I’m very thankful that I got to play with them because I’ve been wanting to for a long time. In my head, I pictured myself just jumping right in with them and destroying the place. However, I quickly found it’s not an easy form to just jump right into. I found myself overwhelmed at one point because there was so much going on. Thank God the others had my back and supported me along the way. Also, that makes me have a whole new respect for the form. It’s fast and it’s fierce. It requires hyper listening and patience. You need to be on the balls of your feet and ready to jump in and out of scenes at a seconds notice. I get to play with them again tonight so I’m excited to give this thing another go. (Queue explosions) BOOM!


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