thankyou3Thank you to the below for helping me to book shows!

  • Backroom Comedy at the Atlantic (Brandon Jerger, and Adan Gabriel Gutierrez)
  • Underground (Avery Lee, Orlando Lara, Cassandra Phillips, Javi, and Gilbert Galon)
  • iO’s BYOT (Avery Lee and John Chesney)
  • Cornservatory (Robert Bouwman)
  • Extended Play at the Playground (Tyler Samples, Dave Jennings, and Adal Rifai)
  • The Mixer at the Playground (for hosting: Kevin Reader)
  • The Bar Below (Timmy Hart Baron via Jake Dewar)
  • Hump Night at the Strawdog (Kevin Mullaney)
  • Good Times Improv Show at The Horseshoe (Rusty Petersen)
  • Silvie’s Lounge (Lisa Mongillo)
  • Mullens (Brett Hartle via MJ Price)
  • Bughouse Theater (Patrick McDonald)
  • Upstairs Gallery (Alex Honnet, Walt Delaney, and Caitlin Stephan)

Thank you to the below for performing with me!

Dave Karasik, David Schwartzbaum, Alan Linic, Collin Dahlgren, Frank Leyden, Yvette Rebik, Derek Shoemaker,  Derek Gregory Cox, Joe Ferrell, Zack Shornick, Michael Finn, Adam Archer, Marcus Hall, Lane Ingram, Chloe Ingram, Lyndsay Hailey, Timmy Hart Baron, Danny Martinez, Jake Dewar,  Brendan Buckley, Lindsey Mallard, Nnamdi Ngwe, Sarah Shockey, Dylan James Hackworth, Michael Greenwald, Rance Rizzutto, Timmy Mayse, Claire Meyer, Ryan Blanz, Caroline Thrasher, Amy Thompson, and Tina Jackson.

Thank you to the following teams/groups:

98.6, Lethal Action Force, Yes Sandwich, Monkey Island, Manny Mora, The Kitchenettes, FrankenReagan, Jukebox, Cool Jacket, The Stevens Family, and The Improv Gladiators and Knuckle Ball.

Thank you for spending $17+ to come to my finale show!

Gilbert Galon, Lane Ingram, Erin Schaut, My mother and her 2 friends (Danielle & Kate).

Also, thank you to all of the people I performed with in open-jams (The Mixer, Mixtape at the Bar Below and ComedySportz).

And Finally…



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