the Pitch Process Podcast

PitchProcessLogo1-1024x1024Just recently I got the opportunity to be a guest on my friend Zack Shornick’s ‘Pitch Process Podcast.’ It was a ton of fun. The premise behind this podcast is that you (the guest) come on with a character or sketch idea, we try it out either by improvising or doing a sketch, and then we talk about it and how we felt it went. With this, I tried out one of my characters (Trevor) that I have done in the past. Trevor, the wild  pill-poppin’, joint smokin’ lunatic drunk  gets put in a few different scenarios for ‘the pitch.’ It was very laid back and I enjoyed doing it.  I thought the conversation flowed smoothly between us and more importantly I was thrilled with how well the pitch process went. Improvising within the different scenarios and getting to explore the character a little more helped me to add some detail to my character.  Some scenarios included seeing Trevor at the Senate, in the middle of a bank robbery, and then in a Church confessional. There were some very funny character traits that I discovered that I can now add to Trevor’s arsenal.  I thoroughly enjoyed each one of the scenarios that we played out. The more we did it the easier it got to loosen up and really become the character vs just saying things this type of character would say. All in all, I was thrilled to be a part of this podcast and am thankful for being asked. If you’d like to check it out, I’ve provided a link to it below:

Link to the site:

Direct link to the podcast:


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