The Thursday Evening Movie Club Podcast

ImageSo grateful that I got to be on The Thursday Evening Movie Club by Aphasia Podcast with Jeff Griggs, Jeannie Cahill Griggs, Becca Lulinski, and Dave Karasik.

We reviewed the 1936 movie Swing Time with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. It’s about a performer/gambler who travels to NYC to raise money to marry his fiance (mainly cause the family only cares about money). In typical rom com musical fashion, he falls in love with an aspiring dancer. It was a ridiculous film, but I enjoyed it. There was one horrible part of the movie that shocked everybody watching. Listen to find out exactly what made me say out loud, “Oh my God.”

I really enjoyed doing this podcast (I laugh through the whole thing) and hope you enjoy it too.

Link to site:

Link to podcast: Link was super long so just click this instead 🙂

Link to iTunes:


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