Humble Bragger


This is to the people who find it necessary to verbally express all their accomplishments in everyday conversations. To the people who strategically input their achievements into normal “hey how are you” chats with people.

Dear Humble Bragger,

Let me give you some tips.

1. Let the work speak for itself. You don’t need to say what you’ve accomplished every time you have a run in with a friend. If people wanted to hear your resume they’d ask for it. They’d probably ask for your head-shot too in that case. Some of the most successful people and performers in the world don’t need to talk about it, it’s shown through their work. Think about the people you look up to. Do you think they brag about having a run for 7+ years at the theater. No. They don’t need to. Their work has and always will speak for itself.

2. Stop asking someone how their life is so you can tell them how great yours is. This reminds me of high school and someone saying, “hey how was your weekend” and before you could even start telling them they’d interrupt with, “oh man we went to Davis’s house, it was a total RAGER man, so many people…you missed out.” If you’re intention to start a conversation is to brag about something, don’t even bother starting the conversation. You come off as a pompous ass and your attempt at ‘humble’ bragging is obvious. People don’t want to be around people like you. There’s no point in having a conversation with you because the only reason you’re talking to me is to tell me about all the things that make you better than me or my situation. You’re friends are going to start dropping off the map and stop accepting your calls/responding to texts if you keep this up.

3. Be grateful…truthfully. You’re humble bragging will one day come to an abrupt end because you won’t have anything to brag about anymore. It could be because people don’t want to work with you because…you’re a humble bragger. You come off cocky and ungrateful because of your fake humbleness.  It could be because you’ve lost sight of the enjoyment of doing things for the constant need to accomplish things because your’e trying to be better than others, which has impacted your work and your performances. Everything (even life) comes to an end at some point. However, if you stay grateful and do things because you enjoy them rather than because you’re trying to one-up others, you’re going to go very very far. It’s about the journey, not the bragging rights. You can be proud of your work and everything you’ve accomplished without verbally stating it to the world. If you keep it up, you’ll be standing around casually telling everyone everything you’ve accomplishment until there isn’t anyone standing there to listen anymore. Be humble. Truthfully humble.

That’s all,

Truth Teller


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